State sovereignty Resolution now HR 3

April 9, 2009

The state sovereignty resolution (formerly HJ 26, but redrafted) has been reintroduced as HR 3 (House Resolution # 3).

HR 3 has been assigned to the House Judiciary Committee and will have a public hearing at 9 AM on Wednesday 4/15 in Room 137 of the State Capitol building.

The Legislature will be on Easter Break from Friday through Monday, inclusive. Legislators will mostly be home during the break, available for contact at home. Contact only House members, Representatives (not Senators), about HR 3 since it’s a House-only Resolution.

Monday evening or Tuesday will be the time to get messages (short messages) to House Judiciary Committee members asking them to support HR 3.

Remember recent concerns about a bill in Congress, H.R. 45, the Blair Holt Licensing Act, that would make a felon out of anyone failing to register and license their firearms, but for which Montanans could not register because it requires a Real ID which we refuse to accept? Well, HR 3 in the Montana Legislature is the best antidote available to H.R. 45 in Congress.

If you plan to travel to Helena to speak in favor of HR 3 next Wednesday, I highly recommend that you review my coaching on the subject at:

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, president
Montana Shooting Sports Association
author, Gun Laws of Montana


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